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Nexa Law provides the ideal infrastructure to work effectively as a solicitor by enabling me to work independently, seamlessly and without bureaucratic distraction to get the successful results that our clients deserve.

Ilesh Chandarana Serious & Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

Working alongside nexa is a breath of fresh air. They’re genuinely nice people who want you to succeed. When you couple that with an entrepreneurial flair and openness to new ideas it makes nexa feel like no other law firm.

Matt Dunne Commercial Lawyer

Joining Nexa Law has enabled me to focus on fee earning work and to achieve Clients’ objectives. The excellent IT and administrative support provided by the team at the firm allows me to work remotely which means I am able to respond to Clients’ needs whether or not I am in the office.

Daniel Wong Property Lawyer

I think you can dedicate better quality time to client work and give a more personal service.  I am achieving good results and I am certainly receiving more plaudits.  I am doing law again which I enjoy!

I do not miss the commute and I use the time to do much more important things such as watch my boys play rugby.  I am always available to clients but I can set my own agenda and do substantive work when it suits me (usually at 5:00am) which also frees up time to do other things which I simply could not do before.

I really like Leap.  It makes file management and time recording so much easier than other systems I have used.

Jonathan Warner-Reed Commercial/Property Dispute Lawyer

Being a consultant at Nexa allows me to work flexibly and to provide legal services in a way that benefits both me (for example, in terms of work life balance) and my clients (such as having the facilities that allow working outside of normal office hours). I have been impressed with the friendly management, administrative, IT and regulatory support that are so important to being successful as a consultant.  Nexa cultivates a team environment and consultants have remote working software at their disposal, which allows them, if they wish, to communicate and collaborate with other consultants.

Ash Johnson Property Lawyer

Being a consultant at Nexa law has allowed me to get a real work life balance. Eliot and Victoria are super easy to work with and unlike other dispersed law firms, there are no pressures put on consultants to achieve minimum billings or minimum working hours/days. In addition, for me, it was important to work with a firm that also proactively seeks ways to get more work for consultants. If you don’t already have a solid client base, they are actively introducing initiatives that can be a source of good quality work. It is also really helpful to have  access to consultants across different disciplines within Nexa that I can lean on if clients need help in areas beyond my expertise – it means I get to hang on to my client relationship with the safety of knowing they will be well looked after across all their needs.

Trusha Patel Small Business Commercial Lawyer

I’ve been with Nexa Law since August 2018 and can attest to the fact that working here is a breath of fresh air compared to past experiences as a Consultant Solicitor. For one thing, I no longer have to concern myself with checking up on payment of fees as Eliot does a smashing job of settling invoices the same day – sometimes within hours of receipt of same. Secondly, the quality of assistance from Victoria and Eliot on both administrative and technical assistance is excellent and make you feel part of a collective rather than being a lone wolf. Then there are my colleagues; spread across a diverse set of legal skills, they are friendly, approachable and a great resource for either bouncing ideas off on a collegiate basis, or available for the referral of work outside my expertise, so the firm retains the client rather than send them elsewhere. So, if you are looking to get away from the politics, stress and demands of working for a traditional firm, give Eliot a call. You won’t regret it. I haven’t. At Nexa, it’s truly a community of equals.

Femi Ogunshakin Commercial Litigation & Tax Disputes Lawyer

I really enjoy being a consultant at Nexa. I feel far more encouraged and supported than I did as an employee.  The systems here are super-efficient, they have to be to support lots of lawyers in lots of places.  Any queries or questions are always dealt with really quickly and to receive nice emails about how well you are doing is the norm here.  I feel like I am being supported to succeed in my own goals rather than being seen as a fee generator. 

The other consultants are great, there is an unspoken appreciation that we are all in the same boat and that makes for a really collaborative, creative and supportive environment.  Best of all, we have the time to chat, discuss ideas and have a virtual coffee together.  The impression always is that you are not on your own.

I also love being more in control of my time. I am able to sit in the garden and prepare for conferences, to take an afternoon off and watch a film if I don’t have any pre-booked commitments.  I try to work my diary out each week so that I can have day a week to pursue my other interests. This allows me the space I need to do this job feeling refreshed and happy, that way I can give the best to my clients.  Not to mention looking at my billings at the end of a busy day and thinking wow, that was a great day!

Amy Leite Franchise & Employment Law

Working with Nexa Law has made the seemingly impossible, possible for me.

Firstly, gone are the days of office politics and getting paid less than my skills are worth.  I get to do what I love my way and get incredible support from Nexa to do it. Everything I need to run my services is provided and anything I need is dealt with really quickly. Working with Nexa also means that I am not on my own. We have teams of specialists who are all amazing and supportive. I have so many people I can call to bounce ideas off and get the benefit of their experience as well as contributing my own.

Through Nexa I get to present a credible alternative legal service. I have been able to set up a team of specialist lawyers in my field that magic circle firms would be envious of. This means I can market to and take on large corporate clients without the prohibitive expense of setting up a law firm from scratch.

Thanks to Nexa I don’t have to sit and think how great things would be if only…. I can just get on and do.

Lauren Bailey Litigation Specialist

Nexa are personal, reactive and friendly! Although the support is there, they don’t interfere in how we work, what we charge or how and when we invoice. I really enjoy the flexibility of being a nexa consultant and being able to focus and specialise in my chosen area and focus on my clients rather than targets and managing a practice.

Caroline Gumbrell Commercial/Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Lawyer

Take your life back. Nexa has given me the support and flexibility to work on my terms.  I am no longer bound to spend the rest of my working life in the confines of an office from 9 to 5/6/7.

Nassar Khalil Lawyer